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So yesterday was ok… I had a medium pear, which I learned that I hate pears lol and some yogurt for breakfast, some pretzels and nutella as a snack, the bad part- we stopped at wendys before going to his moms house and I had a cheeseburger and half a thing of value fries…bad kerry…then for dinner i had ham, asparagus, corn, yams, and a roll. Also had a lot of carrots lol

I have to say, I love dustins mom. She went out of her way to put healthy food on the table for me knowing how difficult it is to find foods i can eat. She didnt salt any of the food because I cant have the sodium and provided so many healthy options! She even made me some hummus to snack on and sent me home with some (though it wasnt very good lol). She also got us a kitchen table for Christmas and its a drop leaf just like I wanted!!! Hellz heah, putting it together today!

While she was finishing I had a chance to have a good sit down with his uncle who has been having heart problems. After hearing his mysterious symptoms I told him exactly what was wrong…he wasnt experiencing heart attacks (because the doctors cant find anything wrong and say his heart is strong and healthy) he was having anxiety attacks, similar to my own. Dont worry, I advised to discuss this with his doctor and to see if she agreed (I’m no doc). I really think he just needed someone to talk to about it because he was scared…and its just sad how much hes been through in life and doesnt have anyone to talk to about it. After we talked about possible drug treatments I explained how I dealt with mine naturally (yoga and breathing) and told him to keep a daily journal of what happens…he would find his trigger soon enough. Maybe next time I see him he will have figured it out.

I’ve decided to go off the wellbutrin until I get back from my cruise. It makes me feel good but Ive been getting sinus headaches that make me feel like my head will explode. I read that my period, caffeine, and alcohol makes it way worse, all of which I have been having/consuming. I had a tiny bit of champagne last night and I thought I was going to die… not the worst headache of my life but damn near close. I’m going to let my cycle finish and then resume the pills when I get back, if it keeps up when I go to the doctor I’ll explain my symptoms and ask for something else.

I do like how it makes me feel, like I can focus…my appetite is subdued a lot. The negative is i feel jumpy and jittery…like my heart is sort of racing. Perhaps I need a lower dose of 100mg instead of 200mg?

Who else it taking wellbutrin or bupropin? Are you having the same problems?

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